ABCRM’s: The Gathering 2017


Join Us for ABCRM’s Annual Gathering!
September 29th – 30th, 2017
First Baptist Church, Fort Morgan, CO



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A Letter from Steve Van Ostran, July 2017

Dear ABCRM Family,

A crucial part of our common faith and practice as American Baptists are the stories of the Bible. Our Bible contains the stories of God’s loving and on-going relationship with us—from our creation, to our separation, our attempts to draw close and regain our fellowship with God and finally our salvation through Christ and God’s greatest display of love for us. But the story is not yet finished… not only are there the stories of the early church in our Scripture, but there are the stories of the promised kingdom and our being seated at Christ’s banquet table. Overall it is a great story with many chapters, plots, twists and lots and lots of drama.

Isn’t it great to know that we are a part of that storyline? Isn’t it also great to know that this storyline, while knowing the ending, is not yet finished… that there is more to be written before the book is closed?

This then is the theme of this year’s Gathering– Storyline: Our Unfinished Story- a celebration of the great story of God’s love for us and of our part in that on-going storyline. It is an opportunity to look back at our story not to hold on to the past, but to learn from it and to help create a better future… to advance the plot-line and not re-live it.

We have recruited a great team of speakers for this Gathering. Dr. Adam Bond is both a great historian, especially when it comes to our Baptist Heritage, and maybe even a better speaker. Dan Chetti and Pastor Hikmat will be telling The Story from another part of our world. Your help in doing the timeline exercise in your congregation and bringing the stories you encounter there will help to make The Story personal. I believe this Gathering is going to be historic—not just in content, but also in impact on our common life together. You don’t want to miss it.

Preceding our Gathering will be two other events that focus on Storytelling… Dr. Mike Graves, renowned homiletician, will be leading a workshop on Narrative preaching and storytelling. This workshop is not just for preachers but for deacons, Sunday school teachers and anyone else who finds themselves called upon to relate the gospel in a meaningful way.

And then there is the annual Clergy Dinner (open to all) where we will see the story come alive through photos. Storytelling, after all, involves all of our senses, and National Geographic photographer, Ken Jenkins, tells the story in a unique way through his work.

We will be gathering at First Baptist of Fort Morgan because churches in smaller communities are a vital part of our storyline. We will have the opportunity to see how God is at work in Fort Morgan and in the many other small communities our member congregations serve.

So, make plans now to join us for this powerful event. We look forward to seeing and being with you at this, our annual reunion of the extended family of ABCRM.

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Steven Van Ostran
Executive Minister



Don’t forget, download these documents to get started!

Below you will find all the applicable documentation for 2017’s Gathering:

2017 Gathering BrochureEmail or Physical Mail Application FormSchedulePoster

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