Located in Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, and Eastern Utah, about 100 congregations gather each Sunday to study and worship. Some 28,000 persons identify themselves as members of these congregations.

The earliest of these congregations began as a result of the missionary commitment which was part of the westward movement. More than 125 years ago pioneers of the faith were trailblazers who started churches on the plains, in the mountains, and on the desert. Missionaries came from the American Baptist Home Mission Society and the American Baptist Education and Publication Society, now known as National Ministries. They came on foot, on horseback, and by railroad, traveling in chapel cars which were left on railroad sidings when they came to a town that needed a church. Whether begun many generations ago or recently, all churches began because of a God-given vision and the resulting commitment of people of faith.

Chapel Car

The Region, American Baptist Churches of the Rocky Mountains, was birthed in 1972 with the merger of the American Baptist Conventions of Colorado and Wyoming. Over time, churches in New Mexico and Moab, UT were added to make up the Region as we know it today.

Churches join together to do what they cannot do separately. In our Region, churches join together to form clusters: Western Slope, Southeast Colorado/New Mexico, Metro Denver, Northern Front Range, and Wyoming.

American Baptist Churches USA, with which we are a covenanting partner, is a congregation-centered denomination that declares the primacy of the local church. Everything we do as a Region is meant to support local church ministry.