Core Values

Core Values

Christ Centered People

We are called to live and do ministry that has at its center Christ Jesus. Our ministry must be based on the teachings, values and ministry of Christ as revealed to us through Holy Scripture by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Being the Body of Christ- “The Incarnational Church”

We are to be instruments of grace, healing, redemption, and justice in our communities and around the world. We want our churches to make a tangible difference in their communities as Christ’s physical presence in the world today.


We want to live what we preach! Our ministry and our people should be transparent in all that we do. Our attitude needs to be one that says, “stains on our character are much more detrimental than stains on our clothes.”

Grace-Filled Relationships

Our ministry will be done in relationship with others while respecting diversity in all of its aspects. In our diversity we will treat others with respect at all times.


We are to work together in ministry and not apart. We value communications with one another and being accountable to our brothers and sisters in Christ. We understand that the actions of individual congregations do affect the ministries of us all.

The Priority of the Local Church

The most effective ministry takes place through the people of the local congregations. The ABCRM Region exists to support the local church in making this ministry more effective.

The Support of Professional Leaders

ABCRM values the ministry of its professional church leaders and will strive to provide support for them through mentoring, educational opportunities, and pastoral support in maintaining healthy congregations.