ABW Mission Trip- March 11 Evening

There is a festive atmosphere at Deborah’s House this afternoon. With so many guests around, the ladies went out of their way to prepare an extraordinary dinner of carne asada and all the fixin’s.

We have also heard stories from former residents about how their lives were changed at Deborah’s House. To an outsider it appears that not much is happening here since my attention is always diverted to the children or the construction. The Spirit is working healing, instilling confidence, and helping broken people dream. This is work that goes on silently, inside of people. It is a very real work and beautiful.

Deborah’s House feels very safe. It does not feel institutional. Ray told us that they have ministered to over 200 families in the last decade. That is over 200 businesses that have good people working for them. More than 200 teachers who have engaged students in their classrooms. The ripple effects from this ministry are extraordinary.

Extraordinary for man, yes. For God? I don’t think so.



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