ABW Mission Trip- March 12 Noon

Today, Thursday, is more of a normal day. The kids have school and there are no ABC dignitaries coming. And the mission team has a better idea what to expect as our understanding of the House increases. All of these things have made this morning more relaxed than yesterday.

The construction crew has been working this morning moving the concrete forms to new positions for pillars. This will be the second floor of the new building.


On the first floor, which still needs to be dry walled, electricity run, etc., will be the workshop, break room, and living quarters for volunteers. The hope is to have a women’s coop of hand made crafts here at the House. The large, comfortable workshop will allow this to happen.

On the second floor the dream is to have a Montessori school for residents children. Ray explained yesterday that it is difficult for children to enter a new school once the school year has started. Also the public schools operate three 4-hour sessions each day. With a school on-site, resident’s children will receive a good education.

This floor will also house offices and a computer room. The women will not have to share their  space with volunteers, more women can be housed here, the staff will have uncramped offices, and kids can receive a quality education.

These are big dreams for Deborah’s House. It seems to me that God specializes in making dreams come true. I wonder how I can be a part of that?

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