ABW Mission Trip- March 15

This morning we had a time of worship with the women of Deborah’s House. Singing, prayer, and  the Word of God all transcend language barriers. Mary Beth’s sermon about the faith and hardships that Mary faced seemed very appropriate for the women here.


As we are learning the stories of the women, we are being struck by the complexity of their situations. Many of the women are separated from some of their children. All of the women are single parents. While Deborah’s House is a place where they can find safety, security, and healing, this is not a long-term answer for them. They face the complex problems of making a living for their family, finding housing, schools… .

The complexities of US Immigration are also apparent to us as we are in this place.

We face complexities in our own Iives. Abundance does not cancel out troubles.

God is a God of creativity, intelligence, and order. What a blessing that we can take these complexities to a God who is more than capable to hear and solve them according to His good will.

It would be amazing, and a little exhausting, to hear the stories of how God has solved complex problems for 200 women.


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