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May 12, 2015

I am thank full to God that I was saved through the American missioner who came to Ethiopia to share the Good news which has changed my life for good.   Here I am doing mission assignment reaching the multicultural community for Christ. Yes our America is the center of multicultural community. In Colorado it was estimated that over 500,000 persons or individual residing from different part of the world with different culture, history and tradition. Out of all this different community, not more than 10% was reached for Christ.

In definition multiculturalism is “The preservation of the different culture identity with in unified society, state or Nation.” Each ethnic group has its own valuable history and tradition. The sad part is each ethnic group is building its own community which will make it harder for outsiders spicily for our whit brothers and sisters to reach them for Christ.


The America we know is not the same where we know every body’s culture in our community… America has the world ethnic group and its different culture inside this great nation.

So the question is, how do we reach them out with gospel of Jesus Christ to all this unreached different culture or ethnic group residing in our community? This is the major task facing our denomination especially the Rocky mountain region.

For this month devotion, I would like us to take one simple step to go beyond our comfort zone to know our neighbors in the spirit love to know their story and their journey in life. The call for the church is really to “Go OUT”. But, In reverse we are expecting for them to come to us.   So let us pray for our neighbors if we know their name well. If not God knows our heart let us pray for them and take faith step to visit them.

Our mission is “Reaching the multicultural community with the message of Hope, Peace, and Unity. To do so, we at the Aurora Hills church with partnership with our region is to host the first historical “African Children Day with parent “event in Aurora on September 18-20 2015. We need your prayer and support to reach as many as possible for Christ. In the very near future we will share the detailed plan of action a flayer which explain the program. Till then keep on praying for the success of our mission.


Rev. Dr. Tibebu Alemayehu
Mission Pastor
Aurora Hills Church
Rocky Mountain Region

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