Gardens of Divine Hope

Address: 1955 E. Arizona Ave.
City: Denver
State: Colorado
Zipcode: 80210

Karen Schneider
Reverend Karen Wray Schneider

Meeting Address: 1955 E. Arizona Ave., Denver, CO  80210

Phone: 720-308-8418


Mailing Address: 2833 S. Colorado Blvd, Denver, Co. 80222

Service Times:

Sunday- 1:30pm
Wednesday- 7:00pm


Gardens of Divine Hope Church is a mission-driven church who “Grows Passionate People”.  Our main focus is collaborating with schools and churches in the planting, nurturing and harvesting of community gardens with the proceeds going to the hungry.  We also are on a mission to help those who need substance to become more “self-sufficient” through employment, counseling and spiritual support.