CrossWalking Friend Making Challenge

CrossWalking is an initiative by ABCRM to explore ways that we can break down the divides between the various groups that are a part of the ABCRM family—racial, cultural, social, geographic, and economic.  To this point we have focused primarily on the racial divide with three group activities; Watching and discussing the movie Selma together, sharing in a multi-cultural worship service and holding a discussion and picnic time.  These efforts have been good, and yet the leadership team feels it is time to expand their efforts.  To that end…

The CrossWalking leadership team wishes to invite you to join them in engaging in personal CrossWalking experiences during the summer of 2016.  The process involves your identifying a friend or acquaintance from another race, culture, religion, lifestyle or even just another community or church with whom you will share three sets of experiences.  The goal of the process is to grow in your understanding and appreciation of the other person and for them to better understand and appreciate you.

CrossWalking partners will be asked to reflect upon these experiences in their mutual discussion, in journals and in a Summit event to be held on Saturday, August 27th at a place and time that is yet to be determined.

A short invitational video has been recorded and can be viewed at:   Churches are free to use this video in Sunday School Classes or other settings to encourage members to participate in this event.

A one-page informational piece and a registration form can be downloaded at: