Embracing The Fall


…for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. -Romans 3:23

Can you believe that it is fall already? It is amazing how quickly the seasons change. It felt like just a couple of weeks ago I was celebrating the beginning of summer and now as I make my commute through the various neighborhoods and streets of Colorado I am blown away by the beauty of the changing leaves and the freshness of gentle breezes. Fall is a beautiful time of year but it can also be a very challenging time as well.

It is during the Fall, that I often find myself being rushed to embrace things that I am not sure that I am quite ready to embrace. So many new elements are added all at once that it can be overwhelming. Although it is here, I sometimes feel as if I am not ready for this season!

Have you ever found yourself getting anxious about the seasonal changes in your life? What are some things that you are doing to fully engage in this season?

There are moments in our lives where the seasons will catch us off guard. We will find ourselves basking in the Son and the glorious rays of God’s goodness and when we open our eyes to the reality that encompasses our being we notice that the climate around us has shifted.   The landscape which we have grown accustomed to has taken on a different appearance and we are left trying to navigate this environment. Just living will bring about seasonal changes and some of those changes are easy to deal with but there are some seasons that are a little more challenging.   Some of us are good at embracing the Spring because it is a time of new growth and the showers of God’s blessings feel refreshing. Others of us are good at embracing the summer because we knew that the Spring showers were going to give birth to the Summer flowers.   However, are you good at embracing the Fall or even better, helping others to embrace it?

Not much time is spent helping people embrace the fall. It sometimes feels like there is a spiritual level of anxiousness to rush people who fall to the next season of their life or even worse cast them away. Could it be that the fall is a season that the church must learn to embrace if it desires to promote spiritual health in the life of the congregation and our world?

If there is one thing that we can be assured of is that God is present in all the seasons of our lives and that includes the fall.   There will be moments in our personal lives, our vocations, and in our relationships where we will fall. The good news is that you already know that you can get back up again.   The even greater news is that you do not just have to settle for getting back up if you are willing to embrace the fall. Take some time and allow the fall to nurture you. Extract from the fall some of the wonderful life lessons that can only be taught through personal experience and use the season to help shape you for the beautiful life that God has before you.   The fall is a reminder that as we go through life that there are some things that we must continue to shed and allow to be released from our being so that we can become even more than what we were before.

As we work to embrace the fall let us never lose sight of the fact that God is at work through us so that we can be a blessing to others. With God nothing is wasted. God has a way of using everything. Yes everything! God is the ultimate recycler and if we allow God to, He will allow us to be a blessing to someone else during this season if we embrace the Fall!

Prayer: Loving God, Help us to embrace the fall and all of the beautiful works that you are doing in this season. Amen.

Reginald Fletcher
Youth Pastor
Ecumenical Church of Pueblo West
Pueblo West, Colorado

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