Forever Different

May 25, 2016

“Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.”
–Psalm 127:3

“You have not made clones of your children.”

A preschool teacher spoke these words many years ago. I was surprised to hear that a person could make clones of their children. Our children are all as different as day and night.

In 1979 I was unmarried and without much of a clear plan in place for my future. I stood near a stage at an amusement park in Memphis, Tennessee while a group sang a popular song with the title of “Amy.” There are times in our lives that stand out clearly and never forget. If asked, I would have said I liked the singing group, lyrics, or sound of the music. But now that the big picture has been partially revealed I see why I recall it as clearly as I do.

Only days later I met a handsome young man who wanted to move to Colorado. We fell head over heels in love instantly and married six months later. We had our own baby named “Amy” in a few years. Amy was sweet and mild tempered with thin red hair. She rarely even cried while only making squeaky noises when hungry. Her name means “Beloved.”

Three years later our younger daughter was born. From the first moment I saw her, I looked into her sweet newborn face and told her about our family. This child was totally different in looks and had a head full of thick black hair.

Rhea’s name means “Motherly” and was chosen in an entirely different way. I had purchased a baby name book with two thousand entries. Starting with A, I proceeded reading each name and meaning until I came to the R’s. Both are grown now and beautiful women. When I think back on the words spoken by the preschool teacher, I am more than glad that I did not know you could make clones of your children.

We didn’t teach our children to be unforgiving, jealous or envious. We taught them to encourage and love while in turn they’ve helped me to grow into a person I never thought to be.

There are times when I long for school days once again – Amy as Captain of the Flag team and Rhea as Drum Major for the band. There were times when I had to step back and not push. And other moments when I had to step aside and let them make their own decisions.

I’ve learned from my daughters and matured in the process. I’m not the girl who stood beside the bandstand grooving to a popular song, nor am I the woman who painstakingly pored through a baby name book searching for just the right name. I’m better for moments lived simply one day at a time.

God has shown me the joys that come with the differences in my children. The surprises have far outweighed the disappointments. The God-given moments are the sweetest times I cherish and for both my husband and myself, we are forever different.

Prayer: Lord, we thank you for the blessings of daughters. No matter what age, guide and protect our daughters today.

LaRose Karr

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