Miracle on a Sunday Afternoon

March 23, 2016

Psalm 91:11 He will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.

While traveling on an unfamiliar highway in Nebraska, my son approached a small curve in the road.  Speeding with the cruise control set at seventy miles per hour, he leaned over to tune the radio and in a second’s time lost control of his small truck. It veered into the opposite lane, striking a mile marker, and then spun completely around. Finally, it became airborne, flipped upside down, and then crashed to the ground.

Nothing short of a miracle occurred for my family on that beautiful fall day. Brett said that as the events unfolded—almost in slow motion—he knew he would live. He knew! The truck came to rest on a slight incline on the side of the road with the cab flattened, level with the truck bed. The windshield was shattered and mangled but not broken out. Coming to rest on the small hill is what saved him: The force of the crash created a V-shape on the roof of the passenger side, which in turn created a slight oval cave above his head.

After the vehicle landed, Brett could not breathe. Even with the windows rolled up, dust filled the air inside the vehicle. He thought, I am not going to die now—not after I survived the crash! Brett was hanging upside down and held in place by the seatbelt, but finally managed to unhook the belt, roll down the window, and slide out on his back.

Two vehicles stopped to help, and one passerby provided a cell phone for Brett to call his dad. But when the call came through, the connection was bad, and my husband, Larry, was so upset that he forgot to write the details down. Panic-stricken, Larry could only recall that Brett was on Highway 23 in Nebraska, and he’d been involved in a rollover that totaled his truck.

Meanwhile we jumped in the car and left our home in Colorado, heading for Nebraska. When reaching the state line, trouble surfaced as Larry couldn’t remember the name of the town where the accident had happened. We found ourselves examining ever skid mark on the road to determine if it was our son’s accident site.


I began to pray, Father, please lead us to our son. Lord take us right to Brett, wherever he may be. We traveled through several small towns and literally almost missed Grant, Nebraska. On the outer edge of town, we decided to turn around and go back to find a payphone, thinking that perhaps our son had called home. We stopped on the main street, and as I raised my hand to place coins in the phone, our prayers were suddenly answered. A sheriff’s car pulled up with Brett inside! We discovered later that Brett had been on the opposite side of the street with the deputy, right where the tow truck had deposited his vehicle.

Our son had survived his accident just as he knew he would. Thank God for the lessons learned on the unfamiliar road my son took. Praise God for an answer to a mother’s fervent prayer in the midst of trouble. Thank God for the miracle on a Sunday afternoon.

Prayer: Father protect travelers today and provide safety to your people.

L Karr

LaRose Karr

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