ABCRM’s understanding of Christian mission grows out of Jesus’ command to take the Gospel to the entire world (Matt. 28:19-20) and the early Church’s example of taking their faith of Macedonia and beyond (Acts). ABCRM is a mission-focused Region in a denomination defined by our mission heritage. ABCRM seeks to encourage individual churches to engage in mission activities and support in their community, in our nation, and around the world. We participate in denominational discussions to affirm, support, and plan mission endeavors.


Balanced: ABCRM and the local churches have a balanced approach to our efforts. We consider the breadth of human needs and strive to have a healthy balance of mission support across the board.

Partnership: We have developed self-sustaining, effective, and healthy mission through the collaborative effort between ABC missionaries, ABC national organizations, regional staff, the Region’s mission committee and local churches.

Mission Culture: We are creating common language and common tools whereby the region as a whole knows and celebrates it growing awareness of mission.

Financial Support: An increasing number of churches are giving increasing dollars toward greater support of ABC mission work.

Camping: Camping is a vital part of our regional mission effort; therefore ABCRM actively supports ongoing camping programs for all geographic areas of the Region.