Contributing to ABCRM

If you are interested in contributing to the ministry of ABCRM please send contributions to the address below or email Please make checks payable to ABCRM.

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Receiving the Four Mission Offerings

There are four mission offerings that are authorized to be received by the various mission agencies of ABC-USA, each benefiting specific mission efforts and promoted nationally during specific annual windows.  Prior to the national window, promotional packets are sent to each church providing information about the offering, the mission agency or agencies that benefit from the offering, and promotional material of various types.   While these offerings are promoted at specific times, these offerings can be received by the church at any time of the year and the funds forwarded to the mission agencies through the Region utilizing the Mission Receipt form.  Once the funds are received and processed, a receipt will be returned to the church with a new form for future use.

In addition to the traditional way of receiving the offerings, a church might consider receiving a special offering on the four “Fifth Sundays” of the year with the offering designated to one of the mission offerings.  Should the church need promotional material for one of these offerings at a time other than the traditional window, they may contact the regional office for help in supplying this information.

The Four Offerings include:

The America For Christ Offering – this offering benefits mission efforts within the borders of the United States and is administered by the Region and by American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS).  One-third of the funds received for the America for Christ Offering are used by the Region Entity to help it carry out our mission efforts.  The funds are used to provide camping programs, leadership training, pastoral and congregational support and other events here in the Rocky Mountain Region.  The other two-thirds of the money is forwarded to ABHMS and is used to provide ministries like scholarships for college students, seminarians and continuing education for pastors, support of Neighborhood Action Programs, training events for leaders, publications for the church through Judson Press and many other programs.  This offering is received by many churches in March and promotional materials are usually sent in January or February of each year.

The One Great Hour of Sharing Offering – this offering is received for the purpose of providing disaster and humanitarian relief assistance in times of crisis.   The money is administered through International Ministries (IM) and ABHMS in cooperation with other denominational and local church organizations.  None of the money given through OGHS is filtered off for administration but is given to local churches or church organizations working in the disaster relief setting.  These offerings can be designated for a specific situation, but undesignated offerings allow funds to be released to new situations immediately.  ABCRM has received grants from this offering to help in relief of wild fires, the flooding in Boulder and for tornado relief in surrounding regions.  The offering is promoted and received in June annually, but many churches choose to utilize this pathway for special giving throughout the year.

The World Mission Offering – promoted and collected in October by many of our churches, this offering benefits IM and its efforts to respond to the requests of our mission partners around the world to send missionaries to work alongside them.   These offerings can be designated to the support of one missionary or one missionary project, while undesignated funds go to help defray the costs of overhead to support these missionaries and meet the unsupported obligations of missionaries who have not met their required apportionment.

The RMMO Thank You Offering – this offering that is promoted during the holiday season is received by The Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board (MMBB) and is distributed annually to the annuitants of MMBB who have served American Baptist Mission Fields and churches during their careers.  The money has been a blessing to numerous retired ministers who can use the money for health care, utility bills, or other unexpected and uncertain needs that face us.  It is a wonderful way that we as a denomination can say thank you to those who have cared for us in the past.

To learn more about any of these offerings, please check out the following website or contact your Regional Staff.  Your support of these offerings is a part of our common American Baptist Mission Support efforts as covenanting congregations in ABC-USA. 

Below are the forms needed to participate in the formal giving of missions:

Church Mission Support Blank Form

Church Mission Support Definitions

Instructions for Church Mission Giving Remittance Form