ABCRM Special Interest Missionaries

The American Baptist Special Interest Missionary (SIM) Program.

Started in 1952 with the support of American Baptist Women to:

  • Personalize American Baptist mission
  • Acquaint congregations with missionaries and their ministries
  • Cultivate prayer and financial support for the mission work in the United States and other countries

For more information about the missionaries assigned to our region, please call International Ministries or the American Baptist Home Mission Societies at 800.222.3872 or visit the following websites: www.abhms.org and www.internationalministries.org.


International Missionaries assigned to Colorado and New Mexico:

Rev. Duane & Marcia Binkley (Thailand)

Rev. Jorge & Hermelinda Damasceno (Great Britain & Albania)

Joel Hoefle & Trish Magal (Thailand)

Pieter & Nora Kalkman (Czech Republic)

Tom & Terry Myers (Bulgaria)

Rev. Vital Pierre & Marie Ketly (Dominican Republic)

Rev. JD & Rhonda Reed (Bolivia)


Home Missionaries in the United States assigned to Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming

Betty Martin – Murrow Indian Children’s House



Cathy Maher – Friendship House (Neighborhood Action/Christian Center)



Jennifer Muniga – Cameron Community Ministries



International Missionaries assigned to Wyoming:

Scott & Aphiwan (Tan) Coates (Thailand)

Rev. Jorge & Hermelinda Damasceno (Great Britain)

Rev. Dr. Jonathan Masaru& Themlma Galvez Nambu (Philippines)

Rev. Walter White (Global Consultant)

Emerson & Ivy Wu (Hong Kong)


Missionaries Supported by ABCRM and ABCRM Churches

Juan & Denise Aragon

Melanie Baggao

Lauren Bethell

Duane & Marcia Binkley

Dwight & Barbara Bolick

Glen & Rita Chapman

Daniel & Sarah Chetti

Jorge Damascenos

Madeline Flores

Richard & Laura Freeman

Joel & Patricia Hoefle

Pieter & Nora Kalkman

Jean Luc & Shabrae Krieg

Matthew & Lori Mann

Michael & Rebecca Mann

Betty Martin

Keith & Deborah Myers

Thomas & Therese Myers

David & Laura Parajon

Jeni Pedzinski

Ketly & Vital Pierre

David & Joyce Reed

John & Rhonda

Raymond Schellinger