International Ministries

A past, present and future as bright as the promises of God

“I will keep my promise to you and to your descendants in future generations as an everlasting covenant. I will be your God and the God of your descendants.”

Genesis 17:7 (Good News Translation)

Adoniram_JudsonOn Feb. 6, 1812, Adoniram and Ann Judson were commissioned as missionaries from the Congregational Church and they set sail for India. But while out on the waters, Judson began to read the Bible anew about the issue of water baptism. Arriving at the conclusion that believers should be baptized by immersion, the Judsons were baptized by British Baptist missionaries, when they reached Calcutta, India that September.

Their life-changing decision not only celebrated individual new life through baptism, but the birth of a new gathering of people, partners, churches … a new society of Christians who would support, send and celebrate the work of mission. That movement — formed in 1814 — is known today as American Baptist International Ministries.

International Ministries has grown and evolved over nearly two centuries of ministry. The movement is the oldest Baptist mission agency in North America.

From our humble beginnings with two missionaries in Burma, we are a family of relationships that today embraces more than …

5,400 US and Puerto Rico churches

1,400 volunteer, short-term and long-term missionaries from US and Puerto Rico

487 missionary partnership team members

224 partner organizations

77 countries

… And YOU

Adoniram Judson was known to have said, “Our future is as bright as the promises of God.” God promises to be with us, never to leave us, and that through God, anything is possible. The story of International Ministries is seeing the impossible become God’s promises realized.

The story is one of surprises -by God and God’s people — as we seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ.