On Bended Knee

June 10, 2016

“Pray without ceasing”. 

–I Thessalonians 5:17. KJV

I said my prayers earnestly for many years.  Finally, God brought me through a severe stroke.  When I left the hospital I could walk, talk, feed and dress myself.  Praying without ceasing on bended knees had a new meaning.  When I rose that first morning from my stay in the hospital, I fell down on my knees to pray.  I knew the God of heaven would hear my earnest pleas.  I did not doubt that He would do just what He said—as I knelt in prayer beside my bed.  I did not start my prayer by asking Him for anything.  Instead I exalted Him and His praises I began to proclaim.  There were so many praises that I can’t name each one, but I remembered to thank Him for his Son.

Throughout the day, the bended knee within my soul continues to pray to God who is in control.  Because I have been made free indeed, I praised my Daily Bread who supplies my every need.  I try not to forget to thank Him for the little things that each new day gives and He always brings.  He supplies my every need.  Each day is a miracle—each moment, second, minute and hour.  When my body was broken and I lay in Intensive Care, He was an awesome Healer. When I could not walk or talk, He was my Provider.  He encouraged my husband, our sons, and our daughter as they watched God’s miracles of restoration and survival.  There were so many who prayed for me during this season of trouble.  I’m grateful for each one.


I won’t miss my time with Him each day that He has given to me the opportunity to pray.  Who else has healed all my soul’s diseases? Who else can do whatever He pleases?  Who can part my Jordan Rivers and Red Seas?  Who dots my “i’s” and crosses my “t’s”?  Who turns my midnights into day; listens to my heart and what I have to say?  So, I’ll stay down here on bended knees.  There is no place I would rather be.  Whether I sit, stand, skip, shout or run, I’ll talk to my Savior, the Crucified One!  I don’t just send prayers up for me, there is a whole world that needs God’s help.  I pray for my family, my church, my students, my friends, my city, my county, my state, my country, all continents, all hospitals, all nursing homes, and all leaders.

Prayer removes the denseness of a situation and the paralyzation of inner frustration.  Prayer removes the edginess of life and relaxes the pangs of unconstrained strife.  Prayer dismisses the frazzleness of the day and the crisp words someone had to say.  It does not take a fiery furnace situation to call upon God who is always with us in every inch of life we trod.

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, we exalt your holy name.  You are worthy to be praised.  We thank you for Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  We are grateful for daily prayers.  We want to follow your will and your way.  We want to pray without ceasing. Help us to go to You each day with unceasing prayers.  We know we are safe, beyond measure, in your gentle hand.  In the name of Jesus, Amen and Amen.

Flora Young 2

Flora Young, Deaconess

Macedonia Baptist Church, Denver, Colorado

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