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May 20, 2015

Dr. Reverend Eugene Downing’s Book Release


Navigating Life With God is a book inspired by my experiences from childhood through adulthood on the roadways. I believe life is much like the road trips we take in life for many different reasons, my own road trips revealed what I hope to be words of encouragement about life with God.

The road of life can be trying – beautifully scenic – but trying, at times. Our journey often takes us to places that we would have not pictured, down roads we do not know and, during these times, we must navigate in directions unfamiliar to us. Even though some destinations in our travel itinerary of life are unfamiliar I believe God knows and protects our hearts while we seek them. Oh, He knows we have lots of goals, dreams and desires of our own – maybe for a life of variety, service to others, challenges that end well, and more. But, the best-selling road map ever printed shows that if we get our directions from Him first, then all other things along the journey we hope to find can be ours. (Matthew 6:25) Even though most of us know this and truly believe it, when the “rubber hits the road”, so to speak, the demonstration of that belief can be pretty challenging. In other words, navigating life with God, no matter how obediently you do so, will be just like a travelled road. Sometimes the weather is perfect, traffic is minimal and we are well prepared for the trip, while other days are, hazy, heavily trafficked and clouded by fatigue. As a result, even the best of us can admit that sometimes we’ve followed the map He’s given and sometimes we took detours according pencil marks of our own. Whichever the case, our experiences navigating life with God, both intentional and unintentional, are preparing us for greater destinations.

The intertwined scriptures and life experiences are melded into an offering of solid ideas about navigating life’s various twists, turns and straight-aways. Each chapter concludes with an opportunity for readers to journal their thoughts into a “reader road map” which hopes to be helpful in mapping new directions as a result of positive ideas gained within the chapter. The book was written with the sincere hope that the prayerful thoughts in its pages encourage readers to embrace new destinations God signals in our lives in order to navigate victories God has purposed for our lives. I felt blessed to take this journey of writing and hope reading through this written journey of faith leads to new discoveries that will be an equal blessing to readers!

*You can purchase the kindle addition of Dr. Downing’s book on amazon.com. Please send him your congratulations and encouragement on a job well done!

Dr. Reverend Eugene Downing, Jr., D.Min.
Pastor & Author

New Hope Baptist Church
3701 Colorado, Blvd.
Denver, CO 80205


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