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Gardens of Divine Hope Church is a new start-up church structured around service to Christ through mission and service to others.  The church began with the idea of helping to feed the hungry through the planting of community gardens while allowing the proceeds to go to food banks, churches, schools, and families in need.  Gardens of Divine Hope Church started as an idea in the minds of several American Baptists and eventually developed into an American Baptist Church.  We were Chartered this year.   Since its inception our church has planted several gardens and reaped the growth of crops.   Last year we planted a full vegetable garden at Metro Caring, and this year we planted with Metro Caring along with planting a full garden at the church where we lease space.

Our Community Gardens are not just gardens, they are “Spiritual Gardens”.  With the labors and work of the members, it is amazing what has happened.  This Spring we will be planting two gardens at 16th and Ogden, a garden at Columbine Elementary School, a garden at University Park Elementary School, at least two other DPS schools and churches where needed.

Gardens of Divine Hope Church is on a mission to “Grow Passionate People”.   We have been evangelizing to bring people into the Church.  We offer our Gathering/Worship Service on Sundays at 1:00 p.m. where we have developed a service with music, word and spiritual uplifting.  At 2:00 p.m. we have a Gathering and discuss a weekly article called “Talkback”.  This series talks of the impacted events of the week.

Wednesday nights at 6:00 p.m., our evangelizing efforts are extended to offer a “Dinner and Conversation” hour with the purpose of bringing in new people.  We call it the “Eat, Meet and Greet”.  This is starting to take-off.  At 7:00 p.m. we have “Craving Biblical Conversation” as we study the Word and focus on different books of the Bible.  

The Church is in place.  Now it is time to “Grow Passionate People”.   How do we do this?  We have several evangelistic practices in mind.  The Pastor, Karen Schneider, is making personal visits to people in the congregation and to people she knows don’t  have a church home.  We are on the internet utilizing blogs, facebook, twitter etc. to reach out to those who are seeking hope.   We will be canvassing the neighborhood this Spring passing out brochures about the church.  We will be offering “Special Speakers” and inviting people to attend, giving us a chance to invite people into the church.  We will be asking teachers of various schools to “Talk” on subjects of interest with the hope of those attendees grasping a piece of our church.

Gardens of Divine Hope is growing.  “Growing Passionate People” certainly gives us hope that those without a Church will find ours and “Grow with Christ”.  We know our Church will survive, we are small but we are strong.  With the spirit of the members,  we hope to bring in 30 new members this year.

Our Church is one where churches can collaborate in our mission of “Planting Community Gardens”.  Any church interested in assisting is welcome.  Keep in mind, if your church needs assistance in the form of “food” and “feeding your hungry”, let us know.

Pastor Karen W. Schneider

Gardens of Divine Hope Church
1615 Ogden Street
Denver, Colorado  80203

***If you would like to share a story about a growing ministry in your church, an outreach event, or would like to introduce your church, please email your story to Amber at wyoba@abcrm.org along with pictures.

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